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 Honeysuckle Regional Health is working diligently to ensure that our consumers and staff remain COVID-19 infection free.  In doing this we are paying close attention to other health and well-being concerns which may arise due to the restrictions in place.State and Federal government directives are implemented as they are announced and newsletters informing consumers,  primary family representatives, contractors and staff of changes to our screening and visiting processes are relayed as changes are made.A COVID-19 Work Safe Plan and a COVID-19 First 24 hour Response Plan has been generated and are reviewed with each new Government directive.  Staff have attended recent education and training in infection control management and prevention, including hand hygiene and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Staff are closely observed to ensure they are compliant with directives related to infection control management.To date we have not had a positive COVID-19 case among our consumer or staff population.  Staff are adhering to ‘not attending work if unwell’ and consumers who have been recently admitted or returned from hospital are tested and placed in isolation until they return a negative COVID-19 test.  In the event that we do have an outbreak, which is classified as one (1) case an email will be sent informing all stakeholders of this and the immediate response we will put in place.   Contacts of the consumer or staff member concerned will be notified by phone and the First 24 hour Response Plan will be activated. 

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Update 26th August 2021

Staff vaccination rates are increasing and a further boost will happen when the Vaccination Team arrive at Violet Town 31/08/2021 to vaccinate further staff. We are currently sitting at 70% at Violet Town and Bentleys, our Bendigo site, are at 100%. Well done to these staff.

A huge thanks to the Community who have volunteered to help our depleted workforce, you are amazing.

To the staff isolating please make contact if anything is needed and we will do our best to assist.




What sets Violet Town apart from the rest is how the residents join a generous and engaging community.  Violet Town has an amazing volunteering spirit and many of them are committed to helping wherever they can at our Nursing Centre.

Download our Organisational Rules


Violet Town Campus is a Not-for-Profit Service owned and governed by its members. Any member of the community can become a member, simply by filling out an application form and paying the small sum each financial year. Contact the Centre during business hours on 03 5798 1324 for more details.

The benefits include support for the Centre and the knowledge that you are eligible to be elected to the Board of Management and participate in the election of the board.

Download a Membership Application form


Friends of the VTBNC

Previously known as the Ladies Auxiliary of the VTBNC has a long history of wonderful support for the Centre. Now the Friends of the VTBNC this active group helps to provide significant support to enhance the comfort of residents.

Regular fundraising activities include tin rattling, as the community organisation of the month, at the Violet Town Market and the annual Mother’s Day Raffle. These fund raising activities are widely supported in the community.

One of the supportive activities that this group coordinates is a trolley run of toiletries, drinks, lollies etc for the residents to supply necessities to those that may not have regular family visits to assist them.

The group meets in the chapel at the Centre at 10am on the last Tuesday of the month.

New members are always welcome contact the Centre 03 5798 1324.


A Proud Tradition of Volunteering

Volunteering at Honeysuckle Regional Health (HRH) offers the opportunity for all Violet Town and Bendigo community members to engage in and support better health for all. Volunteers give freely of their time and talents to enhance the lives of HRH residents and clients. HRH acknowledges with heartfelt thanks the invaluable contribution that volunteers make in improving healthcare services in our community.

What can I do as a Volunteer?

HRH is committed to ensuring all volunteers have the best experience in volunteering their time and skills with our health service. To ensure this HRH will meet and discuss with each volunteer what their motivations and interests are and develop a role that meets the needs of the organisation, its clients and the volunteer.

From the practical tasks to a range of creative endeavours HRH will offer a range of opportunities that will benefit all.

How Do I register?

First Step

Complete a registration pack, these packs are available from both HRH campuses. You can also download each document and once completed drop off to the reception at either campus.

Registration Pack


Second Step

Return all documents to the reception at either HRH campus and an appointment will be arranged. At the appointment you will be asked about the type of volunteering activity(s) you would like to engage in.
You will also be required to

  • Complete an Aged Care Police Check
  • Submit two referees

Once all the checks have been successfully completed you will be contacted and sent information you will need to be aware of to commence with HRH as a Volunteer.

Third Step

All new Volunteers must complete an induction with HRH, you will be sent a pack of information to read, The Volunteer Coordinator meet with you and ensure you understand the information. Once you have satisfactorily completed the training you will be officially on the HRH Volunteer Program and supporting the health of your local community.

Volunteer Professional Development

All Volunteers undertake ongoing Professional Development each year to ensure their safety and the safety of HRH clients and residents. Volunteer Coordinators will be in regular contact to advise of upcoming Professional Development opportunities.


HRH is committed to offering the best experience possible to its volunteers and encourages all Volunteers to offer both positive and constructive feedback to improve the Volunteering experience at HRH.

All Volunteers will be offered an opportunity to complete an Annual Survey.

Or if an issue requires more immediate action Volunteers can email their concerns or ideas to

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Contact Us

Violet Town Campus
46 Cowslip St, Violet Town 3669
PO Box 61
Ph. 03 5798 1324

Bentleys Aged Care, Bendigo Campus
47 Harpin St, Bendigo 3550
Ph. 03 5444 4050

Contact Us.

Violet Town Campus
46 Cowslip St, Violet Town 3669
PO Box 61
Ph. 03 5798 1324

Bentleys Aged Care, Bendigo Campus
47 Harpin St, Bendigo 3550
Ph. 03 5444 4050