About the Facilities


Violet Town Campus

Our Violet Town Campus is structred into three seperate wings offering Residents access to ageing in place opportunities.  Residents and their families are encouraged to take a tour of our site.

The facilities at the Violet Town Campus are excellent. Privacy is important to all residents and as such, they may have their own room. All residents are encouraged to decorate their rooms to their own satisfaction with belongings and mementos of their life. All rooms have lockable drawers for the safekeeping of personal items. Three purpose built and designed "Honeymoon" suites with separate sitting lounge and courtyards are situated within this facility.

Social interaction with other residents is provided for, without imposition by staff. Every effort is made to make the communal areas, such as the lounges and dining rooms pleasant and homely. Physical activity is encouraged where possible and residents can make appropriate use of facilities of the Hostels, Home and Day Therapy Centre and those in the locality.

Special Care Unit

This wing specialises in Dementia Care and is structured to support the highest standards of care for our residents within this wing.  Residents are supported with a combination of clinical care, access to appropriate activities and meals that are suitable for their preferences and dietary needs.  With a beautifully landscaped garden to access residents can enjoy the outdoors, while being safe and supported by our caring staff.  This section has

Nursing Home

Located in the middle of the facility this unit at our Violet Town Campus offers private rooms (18) and shared rooms (3) accommodation, with ensuites, with our 21-bed facility. Within this area is a purpose built and designed Palliation room is also provided with in this facility.  This area has extensive open areas for Residents to participate in activities and enjoy each others company.

General Purpose Hostel

This area is also structured to have multple living spaces for residents to use to access activities, entertain guests and enjoy each others company.  This area has a purpose built Scooter parking bay and with X single rooms and X Double rooms for couples we offer a number of alternatives to suit anyone's needs.


Day Therapy

Our in house Day Therapy Centre provides Day Care to elderly citizens in our community, but also provides activities and socialisation opportunity to our Hostel and Nursing Home residents. Day Therapy participation is open to all Hostel and Nursing Home residents free of charge.

For a healthy life, both mind and body need to be looked after. We take care that the quality of food served and the choice, preparation and presentation of meals is appealing, nourishing, nutritional and in keeping with country cooking.

Special dietary requirements are catered for and the consultation of a dietician is available.