Caring For Residents

facilitiesCaring for residents is the first concern at Violet Town Campus through our Aged Care Services. As far as possible, we will look after you in the most appropriate environment. Our services are focused on ensuring that our residents' stay is safe, comfortable and as secure as possible, while at the same time delivering a home style environment that all can enjoy. The staff is committed to providing a warm and friendly atmosphere.

These are undoubtedly important factors in helping residents to overcome the anxieties of living away from their loved ones in their own home. 

At the Violet Town Campus, staff have a commitment to ensure the recognition of the uniqueness of individuals. Resident's self-esteem, privacy and freedom of choice are valued. Our philosophy is to ensure and enable all residents to live their life with dignity and comfort whilst encouraging them to pursue their own concept of a happy, rich and fulfilling life. We also fully encourage family support and interaction, maintaining a healthy physical and psychological well being of their loved ones residing at the Centre.

Ageing in Place

Ageing in Place is a policy that Violet Town Campus aspires to.

This means that as far as possible the Centre will do everything in its power to ensure that residents will be cared for in their room and in their Hostel or Nursing Home.