Visiting and Leave

Violet Town Campus Aged Care Facility is the home of the residents and there are no restriction to visiting hours. It is requested that visitors intending to visit after 1930 hours (7.30pm) are to inform staff for security purposes. Residents are encouraged to go on outings and for overnight stays with relatives. Currently, residents may have up to a total of 52 days leave per financial year.

This number of days is subject to changes as determined by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services. Usual fee rates still apply in the event of leave being taken.

Relatives and friends are considered to be a very important part of the team to enrich and provide emotional security to the residents. Tea & coffee facilities in the Low Care, High Care and Day Therapy facilities are open to family and friends of residents. The management request visitors to use discretion and consideration when using such facilities.

Family and friends wishing to have a meal with their loved one are encouraged to do so and can order a meal prior to visiting, through the office or care staff for a minimal cost.

Depending on health and needs of the residents, the Director of Clinical Services or the Site Manager may make discretionary arrangements with individual families.